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Glycolic acid peel is a very mild chemical peel, used by a huge number of people in UK and US. It’s often known as a “lunch time peel”. Unlike, stronger peels (TCA Peel and Jessner), glycolic acid does not require any downtime. How does it work? Well, it’s pretty simple. Glycolic acid solution is applied to your face, hands, or chest area. Once there, it exfoliates dead skin cells and stimulates formation newer ones. This results in a brighter and younger looking skin. In addition, glycolic peel also helps to reduce fine lines and tiny scars. However, for this to happen a series of 5-6 chemicals are needed.


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If you go to a dermatologist’s office, a typical glycolic peel can set you back £50-80. It does not sound that expensive. However, you have remember that you will need a series of peels in order to achieve a visible effect. Doing just one glycolic peel (or any other light peel) is pointless. So, after a while, you will have to spend a decent amount of money. If you want to save money, you can actually do glycolic peel yourself at home. The procedure is pretty safe and very simple.




If you want to perform a glycolic peel yourself, you will need a glycolic acid solution, alcohol, and baking soda. You can buy glycolic acid online. You will need glycolic acid 50% or glycolic acid 70% solutions. If you skin is very sensitive, you can use 25%. Getting anything less than 25% is pointless. Well, it’s not really pointless, but it won’t be a chemical peel. Low concentration glycolic acid can be used as part of daily skincare regiment. Alcohol will be needed to remove oil from your skin before the chemical peel procedure. And baking soda will be used to neutralize glycolic peel at the end of the procedure. You can also a professional neutralizer instead of baking soda, but it will be more expensive.





Glycolic Peel Helps with Acne as Well)))

 Glycolic Peel Helps with Acne




The actual glycolic peel procedure is very simple. First you wash your face with water, dry it, and swab it with an alcohol pad. After that you apply glycolic acid solution with a small brush or a cotton pad. Personally, I think that brush is much better, but some people prefer pads. After that, you keep the solution on your face (or other body part) for 5-10 minutes. Do not keep it longer that 5 minutes if this is your very first peel. During this time you will feel slight burning. It’s totally normal. You can help alleviate it by fanning your face. Once you are done, wash your face with a neutralizer or a baking soda solution (a few table spoons in a 250 ml of water). After the glycolic acid is neutralized, wash your face with cold water. Once done, apply your daily moisturizer.





 Glycolic Acid 50% Chemical Peel Solution

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As you can see, it all pretty simple and pretty fast)) How often should you repeat glycolic peels? You should do it every 7-10 days for the total of 5-6 peels. After that, you take a few months brake and repeat the process. You can also combine glycolic peels with retinol, but you have to be careful because you skin can get very dry.





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